Stop Medicaid “Busy Work” Requirements


  1. I totally oppose any program that denies health insurance coverage or with holding food for those who need it. I would rather have those who the government feels do not qualify for this assistance receive it than taking the risk of those who truly do need it lose the help my tax dollars go to provide help to those less fortunate.

    Sue Sisco
  2. Since i worked enough before my disability. I make just barely enough to only be eligible for a rediculous spend down. If i hadn’t worked enough i would be medicade eligible. Seems like im being screwed cuz i worked some

  3. Missouri needs to do more to help those in need of Medical care, not hinder those from getting access to good healthcare just because they are low income and need medical care from not being able to work. It is stressful enough to struggle daily when ill and now have healthcare removed when needed the most.

    sharon pierce
  4. I challenge those who want to make more paperwork and a work requirement for those seeking healthcare who are poor and sick to go spend each week with a person on Medicaid and learn his/her story. I do not believe those who propose this work requirement have a clue about how difficult poor, sick people’s lives already are. Transportation, stamps, paperwork costs more money and the oversight of such a program wastes valuable money that needs to go directly to the poor.

    Janet Archer

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