7 Million Americans Enroll in Health Insurance Marketplace Plans

We remember.

We remember when those who benefit from an exclusionary insurance system called the Health Insurance Marketplace a “disaster” and insisted nobody would participate.

We remember how hard our movement worked to pass the Affordable Care Act, and then to defend it after it passed.

We remember when Missouri Health Care for All was founded, in 2007, and there was no plan at all for passing a federal health reform law.

As the first enrollment period closed on March 31, 2014, America made history. More than 7 Million Americans have purchased quality, affordable health insurance through the new Health Insurance Marketplaces, surpassing the original goal for the first year. While we don’t have final numbers for Missouri yet, we expect them to be high.

This victory belongs to all of us.

Whether you told a friend about the new options, helped a family member enroll, worked as an enrollment assister, shared information through social media, or advocated for the passage and protection of the new law, you played an essential role.

Millions of people will now have quality, affordable health insurance – many for the first time in years – because of our collective efforts.

The struggle continues to bring the promise of the Affordable Care Act to the 300,000 Missourians who would benefit from Medicaid Expansion.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the millions of people who have already been helped by the law – and then dive back in to the work ahead.

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