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Save the Date for Give STL Day – Thursday, May 11th

Save the Date for Give STL Day – Thursday, May 11th

We are very excited to be participating in Give STL Day on Thursday, May 11th. Give STL Day is a 24-hour giving event that helps hundreds of nonprofits here in the St. Louis Region. 

Please save the date, spread the word, and plan to participate on Thursday, May 11th.

Why support Missouri Health Care for All now?

As we near the end of the 2017 legislative session, our work is making a real difference. We have stopped dangerous attempts to gut funding to Missouri’s Medicaid program – which could devastate our most vulnerable neighbors. We are also helping lead the charge for real health care improvements – fighting back flawed proposals such as the American Health Care Act that would have us all pay more for less coverage. We are building on these grassroots successes and enthusiasm far beyond legislative sessions. Our statewide grassroots organizing and in-Capitol policy work are propelling this success. Your support will help us improve health care access in Missouri.

Why give on Give STL Day?

Your gift on Give STL Day will have a big impact. If we raise enough money, it can be “boosted” by matching funds and prizes. That means your gift of $10 could be worth $15, or your gift of $100 could be worth $150. The more people who give, the better our chances to bring in additional funds to support our work.

In addition, the St. Louis Community Foundation will be giving away a pair of Cardinals tickets every hour to Give STL Day donors. You can help bring health care to more Missourians AND watch the Cardinals bring home a win!

Finally, Give STL Day gives you the opportunity to easily support multiple organizations with a click of a button. Missouri Health Care for All is one of over 910 worthy nonprofits participating in Give STL Day this year.

Learn more

Learn more about Give STL Day and sign up for a reminder at

And, visit the Missouri Health Care for All profile at 

Giving officially begins at 12:00 am on Thursday, May 11 – The day before Missouri’s 2017 legislative session ends!  We are excited for what we can accomplish together!


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House advances Rate Review

House advances Rate Review

On a vote of 119-30, the Missouri House of Representatives passed SBs 865 & 866, which includes important Rate Review language.

The bill now moves to the Senate Conference Committee.

Find your legislators here

See how your representative voted here


More About Rate Review:

Missouri is now the only state in the country where the Department of Insurance does not have the authority to collect and review health insurance premiums. As a result, we have no idea whether the premiums Missourians are paying are fair, or why Missourians in different parts of the state are paying such different rates.

Over the past two years, Marketplace plan premiums increased an average of 6% nationally, and increased 24% in Missouri. Rates also vary across the state of Missouri – increasing 4% in St. Louis, 18% in Springfield, and 27% in Maysville, Missouri for 2016 Marketplace “benchmark” plans.

Missouri now has the opportunity to bring transparency to Missouri consumers by passing Rate Review legislation. This bipartisan legislation, currently moving in SB 865 and SB 866 will give Missouri’s Department of Insurance the authority to review health insurance premium rates and protect consumers from high premiums.

Stay tuned to take action on this issue as it moves through the Conference Committee and process.


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Bill to Raise Asset Limits Passes Senate

Bill to Raise Asset Limits Passes Senate

Under current law, people with disabilities and seniors lose their Medicaid coverage if they have too much money in the bank – just $999 for an individual and $1,999 for a couple. These limits were set in 1967 and have not changed since. As a result, people with disabilities and seniors cannot save their own money to help with expenses like education, home and car repairs, and other basic needs.


HB 1565 will gradually raise these limits to $5,000 for individuals and $10,000 for couples, allowing people to save their own money for basic needs and still keep their health coverage.


HB 1565 passed the Missouri House on a resounding vote of 151-7 on February 25th.
See how your Representative voted here: HB1565 House vote 151-7


HB 1565 passed the Missouri Senate on another resounding vote of 29-1 on May 10th.


This important bill now awaits signatures to become law.


We thank all of our great partners, allies and supporters who have worked on this for years, shared your stories, and contacted your legislators.


We will update this with the Senate Roll Call vote as soon as we have it.


Contact your legislators here
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Breaking News! Two committee victories in one day!

Breaking News! Two committee victories in one day!

Fantastic news! Two of Missouri Health Care for All’s top priorities – Rate Review and Raising Asset Limits – passed out of committee this morning.

Rate Review passed through the House Insurance Committee on Wednesday, April 13th- with unanimous support – and passed through the House Select Committee on Insurance the following morning – also with unanimous support. This paves the way for Rate Review to move to the House floor for a vote, and create health insurance rate review in Missouri, giving Missouri consumers the same transparency in health insurance enjoyed by citizens in every other U.S. state.

Please send a personal email to thank the following committee members for their support of Rate Review:

Rep. Kevin Engler,
Rep. Rebecca Roeber,
Rep. Margo McNeil,
Rep. Bob Burns,
Rep. J. Eggleston,
Rep. Keith English,
Rep. Jim Hansen,
Rep. Steve Lynch,
Rep. Becky Ruth,
Rep. Noel Shull,
Rep. John Wiemann, 
Rep. Lynn Morris, 
Rep. Robert Cornejo,
Rep. Justin Hill,
Rep. Kip Kendrick, 
Rep. Gina Mitten,
Rep. Bill White, 

Raising Asset Limits passed through the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs and Health this morning – with unanimous support. HB1565 passed the House with overwhelming support in late February. This bill will raise Missouri’s dismally low asset limits so that people with disabilities can save for basic expenses like home and car repairs without losing their Medicaid coverage. HB1565 will now move to the Senate floor for a vote.

Personal email thanking the following committee members for supporting Raising Asset Limits.

Sen. Dan Brown,
Sen. Rob Schaff,
Sen. Mike Cunningham,
Sen. Bob Onder,
Sen. David Sater,
Sen. Eric Schmitt,
Sen. Ryan Silvey,
Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal,
Sen. Jill Schupp,
Sen. Scott Sifton,

Please take a moment to celebrate these great victories.

Be sure to join us on Tuesday, April 19th for our Lobby Day and your opportunity to thank these committee members in person, and talk to your elected officials about important health policy.  RSVP here or email

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Legislative Update Call – April 2016

Legislative Update Call – April 2016

There are only six weeks remaining in Missouri’s 2016 Legislative Session. Join us Monday, April 11th to hear updates on the important bills we’re following this session.

Join Executive Director Jen Bersdale, Deputy Director Crystal Brigman Mahaney, and meet our new Policy Director Sarah Gentry as we discuss the moving health care policies of 2016.

RSVP to join us Monday, April 11th as we share highlights from this legislative session, bills to watch, and ways to take action.

Monday, April 11th
Noon – 1:00 PM

RSVP for call in number and instructions

RSVP using here or email – once we receive your RSVP we will send you the call-in number and instructions.

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