• Victory! House halts ACA repeal because of you!

    Victory! House halts ACA repeal – because of YOU!

    You called, you e-mailed, you rallied. They said we couldn’t stop Congress from repealing the Affordable Care Act, but you showed up anyway. And today, you WON. As you may have heard, the U.S. House of Representatives just pulled the “American Health Care Act,” their bill to gut the Affordable Care Act and slash funding […]

  • MHCFA is Seeking Board Members and Leaders

    Missouri Health Care for All is seeking Board members and community leaders to help us advance our Principle that every Missourian deserves quality, affordable health care. Please read on for more information and a short application form. Who We Are Missouri Health Care for All is a statewide, non-partisan, movement committed to securing access to affordable, […]

  • Good News! Thanks to Grassroots pressure - Senate Bill 28 stopped in Missouri Senate

    Good News! Senate Bill 28 stopped!

    Missouri Senate Stops SB 28 Missouri Senate fails to advance dangerous bill to cut Medicaid After hundreds of phone calls, emails, and personal, emotional stories, the grassroots pressure against Senate Bill 28 is still working. Faced with widespread public outcry, the Missouri Senate today brought up SB 28 for debate and then laid the bill […]

  • Take the #KeepOurCare Pledge

    Missourians’ access to health care is at risk. President-elect Trump and Congressional leaders have pledged to make changes to health care that could result in millions of Americans losing access. They have repeatedly discussed repealing the Affordable Care Act without a clear plan for replacing it. Some leaders have also said they want to drastically […]

  • Intern with Missouri Health Care For All

    Intern with Missouri Health Care for All

    Missouri Health Care for All Internships Missouri Health Care for All is seeking interns to move our mission forward in the Springfield and St. Louis-metro regions. Undergraduate and Graduate internships and practicums available. Policy-focused internships and practicums available in the Mid-Missouri region. Reach out to mohealth@mohealthcareforall.org with program-specific questions. Multi-semester opportunities available.


Missouri Health Care for All is a statewide, non-partisan, faith-and-community-based, grassroots movement. We are committed to the principle that every Missourian deserves access to quality, affordable health care, no matter where they live or how much money they make. Please join us.

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